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Deja Vu: Vietnam Part 1 (Tan Son Nhut Airport)

This begins the 16 part series Deja Vu: Vietnam. The series of videos is made using Google Earth to focus in on various parts of Saigon and surrounding areas of Vietnam. Then overlaid with video footage filmed in 2008 with ‘fade backs’ of videos and photos going back to various time points in prior years. Some all the way back to 1892 Saigon.

The series begins landing at Tan Son Nhut Airport (Part 1). Then with each of the following parts of the series we’ll move toward and into the central city area of Saigon and Cholon. Then travel to areas outside of Saigon and back to Tan Son Nhut Airport for departure from Vietnam.

Each of us lived in Saigon at different times during the years from the mid-1950’s to 1975. Because of the span of time we lived in Saigon, different parts of the series will mean more to each of us … but, they will all trigger memories and experiences of your time in Saigon.

Fasten your seat belts, return your seat back and tray tables to the upright and locked position as we prepare for landing …

Welcome to Saigon. I hope you enjoyed your arrival.

Stay tuned for Part 2 in a few days.


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7 comments to Deja Vu: Vietnam Part 1 (Tan Son Nhut Airport)

  • Admin

    # Jo (Brown) Strasburg Says:
    July 1st, 2008 at 8:15 pm e

    Wow! This brought back some memories…Don’t think I’ll ever forget landing at Ton Son Nhut..Nov. 1961…Then they open the door of the plane and….OMG…the smell….Nuoc Mam, of course, but I didn’t know then what it was….

    Our house was very close to the military side of TSN…(and our wonderful school)so we saw all the “dignataries” passing by on the way to the palace or other government buildings. Also we could walk the 1/2 block to school.

    Am presently living in SW Louisiana…been here 27 years…can’t believe that…was in NW Florida before that and Wisconsin in mid to late 60’s.
    My husband, Otto, and I have two (grown) kids, Jeff and Karen…and 3 absolutely perfect grandchildren: Austin (14), Amber(9), and Jackson (6). The (grown) Kids live in St. Louis and Gainesville, Fl respectively.
    I taught school for 15 years til the first grandchild came…decided to hang it up. Taught in the program for Gifted students here and in Florida. Have done some ESL teaching here…seems my days in Saigon have come full circle since that was where I worked with my first ESL student…a young VN man who came knocking on our door and asked for help. He became a good friend of our family…showed me all around the area..often wonder what happened to him.
    I’d love to hear from some of the other illustrious “Seniors of ‘62!”


  • Admin

    Bobbie (Sheehan) Mauch says …


    You have done an excellent job and I know every part of the video will be wonderful. This Part I really brought back memories.

    Thank you for all your hard work and getting us all back together through this. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your work.

    Take care my friend.


  • Ken

    Oh Wow !!!. That does bring back great memories. Who can forget greeting new arrivals and the tears when saying good-bye to old friends. We too lived near the airport in the old JDP compound after my Dad retired from the Army and went to work for USOM. I Googled Saigon and tried to see if the compound was still there but no luck. The old PX and commissary on Phan Dinh Phung is still there…wonder what it is now?

    I love reading about the lives of my former schoolmates. Its like filling a gap in my life that I didn’t know existed until recently. Suddenly names and faces of my childhood have new meaning…it’s great. Its sad to know that some are no longer with us, but also that many have wonderful wifes and husbands, lovely children and grandchildren and that their lives have been blessed. To all – be good and stay safe. Ken

  • Ken

    In my eagerness to relate to my experiences in Saigon, I have fogotten to mention that my baby sister, Debbie Lou Yeager and who is now no longer a baby, also attended ACS for the 1st and 2nd grade (and possibly a part of the 3rd as well). She has only vague memories of Saigon with the exception of the places that we lived at. She used to love riding with my on my little Honda 90 motorcycle, sitting on the tank in front of me.

    My sincere compliments to those who have thought up and taken the time to put the Saigon Kids websites together and for maintaining them. Also a bit thanks for the memories for all who have contributed since the sites were started.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Saigon2009.

    Cheers – Ken

  • Admin

    Ken … filling the gap = a feeling kinda like ‘coming home’ … doesn’t it?! 🙂


  • Maile Miller Doyle

    I was taken back in time and am looking forward to the rest of the series. Thank you, Bob, for all you are doing to keep this blog up and fresh.



    Thx for the blog & video feed features…It will help greatly w/my research for my screenplay & novel about our experiences there! The Saigon chapters are already done, but they can sure be updated, esp. describing smells and sights. Thanks again!

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